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  • Expert Guide to Spring Plumbing Maintenance

    You may already know that your heating and cooling equipment needs yearly HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) maintenance, but did you realize that you also should have an expert perform your annual plumbing maintenance? Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers the... Continue reading

  • Which Air Filter is Right for Your Health 

    There are so many things to consider when it comes to ideal home comfort. Should you purchase a high-efficiency AC system? Which size and make of equipment is right for your home? Are smart thermostats really worth the investment? And round and round we go.  Just when you think you are done... Continue reading

    Indoor Air Quality
  • What Will Happen to R22 and How it Affects You

    If your air conditioner was installed before 2010 and you don’t know what R22 is then you should probably learn. R22 refrigerant is a chemical that keeps the air coming from your air conditioning system cool, so it’s unquestionably incredibly critical. Most air conditioning units older than 10... Continue reading

  • What’s an AC Emergency?

    Temperatures are rising. You’ve most likely already switched over to your air conditioning system to make sure the system is running perfectly. But what do you do if it’s not? It’s getting warm, your air conditioning system is not working, and you want to contact someone but it’s after 8... Continue reading

  • Stop the Sneezes with Broad Ripple Service Experts 

    Spring is in the air – and so are allergens. And also dust, bacteria, and virus-causing germs. But we aren’t talking about outdoor air; we’re talking about your indoor air.  Since this time of year is peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of... Continue reading

    Indoor Air Quality
  • Help Achieve a Healthy Home with an APCO Whole-House Air Purifier

    Many recent developments have been made to increase the efficiency of our homes, which in theory is wonderful, but there can also be a drawback. Structures today can be so well-insulated and air-tight that contaminants, including humidity, bacteria, germs, and mold, could become caught inside,... Continue reading

    Indoor Air Quality
  • Why Everyone Needs an AC Tune-Up Now

    The weather is getting warmer and that means people across the country are starting to turn on their air conditioners to help cool their home to a comfortable temperature. You switch the thermostat from heat to cool and that air conditioning system fires right up, so you’re golden... Continue reading

  • What To Do If Your Air Conditioning System Experiences Flooding or Hail Damage 

    While your air conditioning unit is made to withstand all sorts of conditions, including precipitation and storm damage, occasionally you need to call your air conditioning repair technician to inspect potential damage. If your air conditioner sits in standing water, due to storms or other... Continue reading

  • Financing Options from Broad Ripple Service Experts

    Just think: it’s July, sneaking up to triple digits, and your cooling system dies. It just dies. Quits working. No more air conditioning, no more cool air blowing into your home to keep it comfortable. It’s gone.  So you call an air conditioning company to come take a look and they... Continue reading

  • Save Your Air This Spring with Service Experts 

    Spring is for helping the world. Let’s ponder for a moment, spring comes and right away people kick off spring cleaning, cleaning out attics and sending unnecessary items to charity and scrubbing floors. Easter brings the idea that we can start new and renew our intentions to be better people.... Continue reading

  • Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner: Which One is Right for Cooling Your Home

    Although heat is in the name, you can use a heat pump for air conditioning. It works by moving heat instead of generating it (unlike furnaces) which is why it is used as a heating and cooling system. It’s true that heat pumps can be very efficient, although most air conditioners are about... Continue reading

  • The Lyric Thermostat: Home Comfort and Energy Savings in a Smart Thermostat

    Your smartphone is command central. It links to your fitness tracker and sends prompts to get up and walk or drink more agua. It made baby monitors obsolete and shows you an image of your sleeping angel, as well as their heart rate and oxygen measurements. It connects you to the rest of the world... Continue reading

    Alternative Energy