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Your faucets are essential plumbing fixtures for the bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else you need quick access to potable water. If you have any faucet malfunctions, call Broad Ripple Service Experts Total Home Comfort. Our professional plumbers in Indianapolis can assist with both faucet replacement and repair.

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Faucets are pivotal plumbing fixtures that provide the water you need at the temperature you want. So when something goes wrong with them, tasks like cooking and rinsing up are much more difficult.

Faucet repair is usually a quick and easy process that a homeowner can sometimes perform. However, many repairs are best left to the Experts in Indianapolis who have the tools and experience needed for worthwhile solutions. You can depend on us to identify the source of the problem, look for signs of leaking, and handle other important aspects of the repair process easily. Contact us at Broad Ripple Service Experts Total Home Comfort if you have a faucet that isn’t working right.

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Normal Faucet Problems

If your main plumbing system breaks or clogs, you probably won’t be able to get potable water from your faucets. Worse yet, the water could no longer be safe or healthy to use.

Leaky Faucets Could Cost You

Leaky faucets are one of the most common home plumbing situations. Whether it’s a dripping faucet or a wasteful stream of water, leaks can increase your monthly water bill. Depending on how significant the leak is, it can even cause water damage!

Leaky faucet repair is usually fast and inexpensive. Our Expert plumbers can quickly identify the source of the leak, then repair or replace it to restore proper water flow.

Absent Hot or Cold Water

Your faucets flow both hot and cold water. How to choose the temperature generally depends on the faucet’s design—whether it has two handles or one. Fixing the handle can often resolve the issue.

But if your problem is a lack of hot water, the issue might be more complicated. This could be a sign your water heater is damaged, and a professional plumber should be contacted.

Poor Water Pressure

A broken faucet decreases water pressure and may even prevent the flow of water completely. It’s frustrating, and the additional pressure can cause other problems deeper in your plumbing system.

How your plumber resolves water flow problems requires knowing what type of faucet you’re using. In some instances, proper water flow can be repaired by simply cleaning the affected component. Other times, the problem can be the seal between your faucet and the water supply.

Keep in mind that these issues are rare. So when the faucet isn’t to blame, your plumber will look for other issues like corroded pipes and clogs (as these also cause the water pressure to fall). Even partially closed valves will drop the water pressure, resulting in weak flow.

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What to Know About Faucet Repair

Once we’ve verified there’s a problem with your faucet, there are a few additional pieces of information that can help simplify repairs. Remember that significant damage may make new faucet installation a more cost-effective option. Otherwise, it won’t be long before you’re struggling with another plumbing problem.

1. Determine the Type of Faucet

Effective repairs start with knowing the type of faucet you use. We don’t mean whether it’s a kitchen faucet or a bathroom faucet, but what internal components are in place to deliver potable water. Our plumbers have enough experience with different faucet types so they can recognize yours quickly, beginning repairs sooner.

Compression Faucet: This design is the oldest type of faucet still in widespread use today. It is designed with a rubber washer and two handles to provide adequate water of the correct temperature.

Cartridge Faucet: Offered in both one- and two-handle designs. A single-lever design adjusts water flow by raising and lowering the valve inside the handle.

Ball Faucet: The most popular type of single-lever faucet. As the lever is moved, a plastic or metal ball moves within the faucet, allowing water to flow. Simple chambers within the ball blend hot and cold water to create the desired temperature.

Ceramic Disk Faucet: Another single-lever design sometimes confused for a ball faucet. These models use a valve more similar to a cartridge faucet, which is raised or lowered to provide water flow. By comparison, a ball faucet moves in a spherical direction.

2. Shut Off the Water Before Trying to Find the Affected Part

Once they know what type of faucet you have, the plumber’s next step is to pinpoint where the problem starts. Most designs are split into two sections, the faucet body and one or two faucet handles. Knowing the type of problem they’re dealing with can make things easier.

Whatever the problem may be, disassembling the faucet is often required for repairs. A proper repair kit should possess tools like slip joint pliers or a basin wrench for reaching the internal components.

3. Figure Out If a Part Needs Cleaning or Replacement

Occasionally, your problem can be fixed by accessing the faulty component and giving it a thorough cleaning. But in case of significant damage, replacing it is typically best. These small pieces aren’t expensive, so don’t worry about the cost of a new part for the spout, O-ring or any washers.

This can be slightly more complex for special faucets, such as an outdoor garden hose.

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